Friday, 23 February 2018

Garlic Herbal Cures For Abscessed Tooth

And by the Egyptians, The Greeks, that is why garlic and the Romans is still important in these civilizations today. Why is this herb is the compound this is. It is Allicin that is responsible for the strong healing properties of garlic, making it a natural anesthesia and a strong agent, giving pain relief to the region it is applied to. Turmeric acts as an antibiotic, and with application into the area an abscessed tooth can be cured by it. A word of caution, an abscess not treated or left untreated, by way of use the treatments below to bring relief to a toothache, but always consult with your dentist may cause complications. 

Just be aware that you might experience a mild to moderate burning\/sting sensation when using raw garlic. Blend one clove into a fine paste with a sprinkling of salt and crush. The mixture sparingly on the tooth that is, employing too much may leave a burning sensation that is strong. Leave for a few minutes. Leave for a few minutes. Rinsing together with warm salty water not only helps to pull off the disease and kill bacteria, it also eliminates any lingering burning\/sting sensation from using the garlic paste. Mix one teaspoon of crushed why garlic with an equal amount of peanut butter, apply the dough loosely around the affected tooth. 

Leave for a few minutes. Leave for a few minutes. Peanut butter contains some substance called resveratrol, some natural antibiotic also anti-oxidant, it could also be used on its own as some toothache remedy, but it is much less potent also less effective than why garlic. Mixing peanut butter garlic masks the taste making it more palatable. Recommended for serious tooth pain, inflammation also abscess pain relief. Cut a garlic clove in half, place the cut side of each half clove against the tooth\/gum area on both sides of the affected tooth also gently rub for between 7-10 minutes. After the pain starts to subside chew on the why garlic clove halves with the problematic tooth into release more of its healing juice, the pain should disappear within 15-half a hour.


  1. Garlic is very effective in toothache. It can be used for a quick relief unless you can get to a dentist for treatment.

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