Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Garlic - The Natural Antibiotic

Through my limited experience of healing via the holistic path, I continue to be reminded of how exceptional Mother Earth is in providing all that we need to sustain a high quality and peaceful life and for this, I belly up with gratitude for knowing!

First, let me explain that I do believe (and know for myself) that diseases can be emotionally based, which means that strong emotions and thoughts cause toxins in our bodies (stress) that over a period of time, in some cases, causes disease. We must rid our bodies of these toxins through diet, mediation, prayer, and forgiveness.

I suffer greatly from sinus pressure, sinus infections and sinus issues overall. As Louise Hay explains in her book, "You Can Heal Your Life," any type of sinus problems result in deep irritation of something or someone. In my case, this is VERY true! Some people say, "That is not true. We have no control over hay fever, flowers, and grass that irritate our sinus area." My response, "Then why do some have it and some do not have it? Some people's immune systems can fight the symptoms and others can't." I don't say this to convince you of anything other than to express that if you or having any type of ailment that is hindering you from your true purpose in this Universe, consider the level of emotions and stress in your life as one avenue to explore.

Getting to the value of garlic, I have taken antibiotics three times this year only to have the symptoms and infection return with a vengeance. I seized my power and began my journey on trying a more holistic approach to my healing, and it began with increasing my meditation and prayer time, continuing my exercise program, and drinking two cups of Golden Seal Herbal tea a day. But the magic wand is garlic! I read that garlic is a natural antibiotic (among other extraoridnary benefits) that also helps with inflammation (pressure)! Click here to read more and then read information about the health benefits of garlic.

I began eating one fresh organic garlic clove three times a day, everyday and noticed that my infection cleared within 72 hours, but I felt a major difference in 48 hours. I now eat one clove a day, and I can feel the difference in my sinus cavities. I can breathe. I have energy. My joints and ears are clear, and there is no sinus pressure. Imagine that! Oh, don't forget to gargle and brush with baking soda to kill the garlic smell!

I hope you find this information valuable as I do. For me, it's about sharing as much information I can while you are on your journey in peace, holistically!

I'm so excited that our paths are meeting!!

Sending you on your way with a heighten level of positive energy and excellent health, always!

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