Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Field of Dreams

Remember the dreams you had when you were a kid? Remember how big, bold and colorful they were?

I would get lost in my dreams for what seemed like hours. I remember dreaming that I danced so long and so hard that my body would be drenched in sweat. This was one of my favorite dreams because I dreamed of dancing on stage in front of thousands of people. One night I would create a beautiful ballet ensemble and the next night, I would be one of Michael Jackson's background dancers to the song "Thriller." I soaked in the cheers of the crowd and the warm feeling of my contribution in making others smile. Incredible! When I left my dreams and returned to my bedroom window, I felt such a deep satisfaction and I felt full inside. I would then go outside to hang out with my friends with such hope and inspiration. Anything was possible!

Along the way some of us stopped dreaming as adults. Our possibilities became depended on what we perceived as "important" external and internal factors. Some excuses that I've heard my ego say, "I'll wait until I'm debt free. I'm waiting until the kids are out of school. I have to lose weight first. I need the perfect dress first. Wait until I finish school." Does this sound familiar to you?

Dreams are the true nature of who we really are and dreaming provide us with hope, inspiration and joy. So go ahead and tap into your field of dreams. Dream long, dream hard, dream big, dream, dream, dream! Before you know it, that dream becomes reality. We may not experience the dream in its entirety at first, but getting on that path really motivates us to keep dreaming and thus, keep experiencing the true essence of who we really are. We have a right to dream so take advantage of it. Lose yourself in your field of dreams. Feel yourself on "stage" in acceptance of your true self.

I have a secret for you. I'm currently living one of my dreams. It is sharing these types of motivational thoughts with you. I dream big!

Sending you lots of energy to tap into your dreams!


SE'LAH... said...

I strive to live up to my dreams every day. So glad you are living one of your dreams...there are many more to come.


Shell said...

To me our dreams are part of our souls. When we ignore them, we push down who we are.
Keep on sharing your motivational thoughts with us.

margie said...

i am not a dreamer but both of my relationships have been with dreamers. my late husband and my partner now. it is so important to have someone who reminds you to dream if it does not come naturally. hope you are well.

Wanda said...

I'm sorry I haven't been here much. I've been on the go/road a lot and haven't had enough time to read everyone. I'm working on catching up...guess that is one of my dreams!

Gayle said...

The things that stop us from dreaming sound very familiar to me. I'll do my best to put a stop to these excuses and get on with my dreaming!

sunnymama said...

Beautiful! I hope we can all dream big. :)