Monday, September 28, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Cycles of life

The ocean is so magical. I remember when I was in Mexico during my cruise vacation; I was standing on the beaches of Progresso looking at how the water cleansed the very soft ground that I was standing on. As new sand washed up on the beach, the old disappeared into the fast-moving waters. I now compare this water and sand movement to the cycles of life.

Our egos/perception tells us that we have good days and we have bad days, but did you know that happy frequencies and bad frequencies come from the same energy source, which is the energy of impermanence? It is always moving and that's why we perceive days of "good and bad."

The cycle of impermanence is the natural cycle of life. In that, I mean that we need bad days to regenerate in the cycle of life. We need to get rid of the old - old thoughts, old emotions and old feelings. We need good days to understand when we encounter bad days - accepting the new - new thoughts, new mini-journeys, new understandings. This concept is the natural law of life.

However, peace and joy are ALWAYS available to us on good days and bad days because we don't need any external factors to give us joy and peace. Our genetic makeup includes joy and peace. Why, because we are spiritual Beings. So, the next time you understand that it is not a good day, close your eyes and look within to get a glimpse of the joy and peace that you have in the middle of chaos. It's stillness. It's calmness. Its quietness and it is our avenue to escape all drama.

Accept the chaos and move on because after all, it is not permanent. Accept the happiness, enjoy it and move on. Peace, joy and love are ALWAYS! We are these very things!

Happy Inspirational Monday!


My Castle in Spain said...

so true Vickie!i enjoyed reading this.
sometimes i also experience what i call my blank days, not either a good day but neither a bad day !
anyway, have a great monday!

ps: after reading your comment, i realized i completely forgot to add the sunflower and just focused on the scented candle because i've got a very special thing with candles!! sorry for this !!

elk said...

i needed to read this today...thank you...I am short on times these days
so sorry I have not been in your blessed space lately!

SE'LAH... said...

I love how you like the ever changing ocean and the concept of impermanence.

You really are my inspiration!


Shell said...

Happy Inspirational Monday. A great post. I do my best to remember this and live in the moment. Enjoy the happy and when I'm sad, remember this too shall pass.

lisaschaos said...

The ocean is lovely! Somedays I feel so overwhelmed that I can't enjoy it - but I try. :)

Gayle said...

vchelle, thank you for the reminder that peace and joy are always available to us.

margie said...

you are terrific. you are so inspirational and so positive. what a lucky family you have just because they have you.

sunnymama said...

Thank you for sharing some inspiration from the ocean. Truly magical. :)

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