Friday, September 18, 2009

Conscious Friday: I am conscious

Today, I am conscious of her smile

his eyes

her touch

his voice

his nod

a sincere thank you

her holding the door

her laughter

its sound

its color



and I'm truly grateful that I am conscious

of this and so much more.

Happy Conscious Friday!


SE'LAH... said...

another beautifully written piece.

your creativity is wonderful to soak up.

love ya.


Shell said...

I am glad I am conscious especially when thoughts turn negative. So I can turn my mind back to the light. Happy Conscious Friday.

Cam said...

Today, I am thankful for the journey. For all the moments that fall into place, precisely as they were meant to, and for the blessings that unfold.

Much love, V!!

sunnymama said...

Lovely! Thank you for your consciousness. :)

sunnymama said...

Also, in answer to your question on my blog, this is how I got 3 columns.

I look forward to seeing Operation You's makeover :)

Wanda said...


kath said...

wonderful ...

Gayle said...

All sweet things!

margie said...

you have such a beautiful way with words.