Thursday, September 10, 2009

The art of visualization

Yes, that's me. Can't you see my black and white bathing suit? Can't you see me and my little girl sitting at the picnic table while my hubby sits in the "manly" chair?

I see us. I feel the breeze of the ocean. I smell the freshness of the wind flowing from the ocean. That ocean breeze is some kind of healing thing, I'm convinced!

Without a care - with love- without a doubt, with calmness - without stress - with laughter, I see. I feel. I am there!

Excuse me while I work the Law of attraction thing; feel free to join in!

Happy Love Thursday and happy visualizing for the best you and watch how your life unfold!


Shell said...

Happyh Love Thursday. I'm so there with the happy visualization for all the good juices from the law of attraction to come flowing my way. Recently it has been good.

SE'LAH... said...

Can I visualise myself next to you on the picnic table with my little girl next to yours? Please Ms. V?

I love you (with a capital I).


Gayle said...

The art of visualization is a powerful thing. My daughter uses positive visualization when she is experiencing anxiety about school. I need to remind myself to use it, too!

sunnymama said...

I can see you there, and me too! :)

Cam said...

You know I can save you a spot on St. Simons Island, or Jekyll...