Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspirational Monday: We are excellence!

"I am intentional; I am on purpose, and from this moment on, I treat myself in the light of this truth."

-Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

From this point forward, know and feel that all of the exellence you are capable of displaying is far more greater than you can ever imagine. Discover your potential within by staying present and avoiding excessive thinking and excessive blaming.

I'm learning to let doubtful and fearful thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky. I have a choice to grab them or to let them pass. I choose to let them pass by recognizing that they are there. In this awareness, I'm reminded of the fact that we are not our thoughts. We are soooo much more.

As I previously said, we are limitless Beings and we should practice remembering that our purpose has been within us since the day we accepted with gratitude to experience and paticipate in this life.

Your purpose is to rely on the greatest potential there is and that's you! The Presence within us allows us to potentially co-exist with peace and harmony of this Universe! Look inside and discover what's all ready inside your soul - your gut - your Being and that is creativity, love, peace and joy! These attributes are us if we can just remove those things within our thoughts that serve us no purpose but to make us miserable.

Discover our potential in excellence from within so that we can smile and feel complete joy even when we perceive chaos or challenges within our circles. As everything else, it takes practice. Are you willing to practice so that these attributes surface without any effort? I am!

We are great potential! We are excellence! Feel it - own it - act on it!

Happy Inspirational Monday!


Gayle said...

As always your posts are an inspiration to me! I feel more ready to practice this than I ever have!

SE'LAH... said...

I am! Yes, I am!!!

exhaling...I love coming here. My peaceful spot.

aaaah...worries melting....

Wanda said...

I am learning to be now. Acknowledge worries. Pay attention to what I need to do to be ready. Be here now.

Shell said...

I have been constantly practicing this all summer. It's still challenging but getting easier.

sunnymama said...

Wonderful inspiration and synchronicity - I nearly posted a youtube video of Dr Rev Michael Beckwith for Inspirational Monday today, and now I come here and you have quoted him! In the end I picked another Abraham-Hicks video for my Inspirational Monday post:
It's worth waiting for.