Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Sending sunshine

Hey beautiful people! I'm sending a little sunshine to your heart, mind and soul today! Be bold, be strong and be free in the essence of you are because it comes from one and true powerful Source. It is peace. It is joy. It is compassion. It is love. It is respect. It is forgiveness.

You are such an inspiration. Therefore, you will attract inspiration today.

Have a beautiful and inspiring day today!!!

P.S. Forty-nine (49) people from twelve different countries participated in The Gift of Jewels Project!

Listen to your heart: An Inspirational Video 1 - The Law Of Attraction


SE'LAH... said...

I am inspired today by all the people who joined in the "gift of jewels" project - spreading love all over the world.

here's the link to my Inspirational Monday post:

One Love.

Shell said...

Thank your this beautiful piece of Sunshine today. I love the video! Gave me a warm and great feeling inside.

margie said...

today for the first time in a long time i had an energized positive day. woo hoo.

Gayle said...

Thank you for the sunshine! I always feel it when I visit here!

Gayle said...

I have an award for you on my site. Stop by when you get a chance and pick it up!

sunnymama said...

That yellow flower is stunning! Wonderfully inspiring video. My Inspirational Monday post was Unschooling on Zenhabits. Sorry I'm late again! :)