Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conscious Friday: The joy of pen pals

It was my bedroom window that became my theater as I held onto the words written very tiny across the sometimes yellow, sometimes gray but mostly white paper that told me the story of my pen pal's life in the Army. I imagined and visualized as much as I could in my tiny mental traveling space the day he went to the Duran Duran Concert somewhere far away in Germany. I held the ticket stubs in my hand.

I didn't know paper could have so much value and power. I would stare out of the window for what seemed like hours as the radio played Cindy Lauper's, "Girls just want to have fun." The words in the letter were magical to me and it was my quiet time. The window "supported and waited patiently" for me to fall all out of the trance.

The pure excitement and joy in sending and receiving words of thoughts are priceless.

A gift that comes in letter form is a jewel. I remember it. So, I'm excited to participate in the Gift of Jewels project and I think you will be excited to. Please join in on this fun. Find out more information by clicking here.

Have a Happy Conscious Friday by staying conscious of your inner child!

Read more about the joy of pen pals at Se'Lah's Necessary Room.


SE'LAH... said...

They are jewels indeed. Thanks for sharing your experience with your penpal. Cool!


have a Comscious Friday...

Gayle said...

I loved hearing about your pen pal experience! I never had a pen pal but I am very much looking forward to Se'Lah's Gift of Jewels project!

lailani said...

Wonderful, soothing post! Have a wonderful Saturday!

elk said...

pen pals are really a special memory, you told the story so well and tipped me off to a wonderful new project..blessings!

sunnymama said...

I am so excited about Se'Lah's Gift of Jewels project! Love your pen pal story too :)