Friday, August 14, 2009

Conscious Friday: Forgiveness in practice

My daughter, niece and I just arrived back from Dollar General picking up a few things for the house. I paid for all of my items feeling grateful that I finally had the funds to support my family's needs.

Jannah is in the mode where she is carrying her favorite things everywhere she goes. For the last few days, she has been obsessed with her movie, Norbit (Eddie Murphy stars in it). So, she carried it into Dollar General.

After paying for my items, I noticed that the male cashier shuffled quickly to another female employee in the store, probably the manager, to whisper that we were possibly stealing a movie. Now, keep in mind that I reached for the movie in the cart and gave it to Jannah while standing at the register. While he was whispering, I said to him, "Excuse me. This is her movie and we are not thieves." He was surprised that I felt his conversation with his co-worker. He apologized and I said apology accepted.

The moral to the story is that I looked at this situation as an opportunity to practice forgiveness. I practice forgiveness so that it doesn't become toxic to my body. I practice forgiveness as it allows me "to eleminate toxcity from my spiritual architecture," as stated by the great Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. I will not repeat this story after sharing it with you unless it is to help someone who wants to forgive and is struggling with the process. Also, my heart will greet the Dollar General employee with forgiveness the next time I enter into the doors of that building.

No one determines our success but us. We should forgive daily even if the person or group doesn't ask us too. We forgive because it is absolute love and we must practice it and claim it. Why? It gives birth to peace of mind!

Have a Happy Conscious Friday!

Conscious Friday is the brainchild of Se'Lah at Necessary Room.


SE'LAH... said...

You are a better woman than me. A great example.

Gayle said...

vchelle, I love that you "looked at this situation as an opportunity to practice forgiveness." I think that is so hard to do in the heat of the moment. You always make me want to work towards being a better, happier person. Also, your line, "No one determines our success but us.", yes, such an important thing to remember. Thank you!

Wanda said...

Wonderful ho'oponopono. Your quest for growth in peace is a wonderful example to me.

gennysent said...

oh what a wonderful thing to do. It is so hard in a situation not to hold a grudge! What a nice way to "practice" actually doing what is in your heart in more peaceful moments!


Dori said...

You inspired me with this one :) Thanks! Have a great week!

Lena said...

This has happened to me before when the kid's were small. I got into the habit of sticking a hidden star or mark on toys or items incase they queried it.

It's awful, that suspicion takes hold of innocent shoppers. I must admit, you were very noble in your reaction. I'd have risen above it sure, but very loudly!!

sunnymama said...

The beautiful cloud picture is perfect for this post about forgiveness! I love your spirit Vchelle :)