Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what would you do...

if someone gave me to you
would you worry about my thorns?

would you put me in a vase
or in your flower press?

would you use my petals
to decorate your warm bath
or even say, your wedding path?

or would you simply let me say
i love you friend

what would you do?

*Note to readers: pinch-hitting for vchelle today.
Sending her lots of positive vibes. We miss ya vchelle!

One Love.


Shell said...

I would love you by putting you in a vase on my altar. Then after you got a bit droopy, you go in my bath so I feel like a queen.

Christina said...

i would hold you close
not worry about your sharp edges
take my chances on your beauty
seek what you were made of
run with you bounded in my hand
along the water
let go
free you
he loves me he loves me not
mend my thorn torn skin
while remembering the joy each petal brought

Vchell~ I send you beautiful thoughts.
I love this post Se'lah, love it!

Wanda said...

Let's see--what would Wanda do? :)

I'd hold you close to my nose and breathe deeply. Then I would put you in a lovely vase and keep you in my line of sight.

lisaschaos said...

I would put you in a vase - of course, knowing me, I would end up forgetting to add water, but we won't get into that. :)

kath said...

I would put you in a beautiful rose bowl where you could float gently.
Happy Love Thursday!


Gayle said...

I would touch your soft petals to my cheek and breathe in your sweet scent and think of my grandmother's house from when I was a child, who's front porch was covered with climbing roses.

Beautiful post, Se'Lah!

I miss you, vchelle!

Happy Love Thursday to both of you!

vchelle said...

Your love is so inspiring,
Se'Lah. Thank you Se'Lah, thank you for your unwavering support. Thanks for all the sweet thoughts from you ladies in blogsphere. thank you.

Darcel said...

I would put you in a vase for all who pass to admire.

sunnymama said...

You reminded me that our homemade rose water will be ready by now! Best wishes and much love to you both Se'Lah and Vchelle :)