Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Waterflow of dreams...

I decided to take my daughter, nieces and nephew to the city for a change of scenery mostly for me. I knew that being in the sun would be so refreshing and healing. So, we went to Atlanta's Olympic Park. The kids splashed in the water fountains and I heard laughter everywhere. It was indeed healing.

Both photos are of the water show where all the kids had to leave the area so that the water could dance to the music. It was actually pretty cool.

Jannah turned around before she jumped back into the fun and said, "Mommy, take my picture." It was so much fun looking at the kids play, smile, laugh and scream with such delight. I smiled and realized that water is so powerful and the kids practiced every idea they dreamed of to play with those foutains. They covered the fountains with their feet, hands, bottoms, stomachs and faces. You name it, they did it.

See Jannah make believe that she was Beyonce on the Olympic Park's stage. She danced and sang like her audience of four were thousands. It was a blast to watch her.

The kids had played and dreamed of so much fun and their dream came true. They were tired and were ready to go. I was inspired by all the kids and how they just played until they were exhausted in their waterflow of dreams.

Who or what inspires you?

Happy Inspirational Monday!


SE'LAH... said...

Love of life is what I see when I look at these photos. The children simply love life...every aspect of it.

The water photos are awesome.

Love of life is my inspiration today.

One Love.

Gayle said...

One of my favorite memories of childhood is playing all day and feeling worn out and happy at the end of the day! I love how you captured that happy and tired feeling in your photo of Jannah and her cousins!

elk said...

i have missed you ~look at this amazing fountain area with such tired looking kiddos ~happy day haf by all!

sunnymama said...

That looks so much fun! Children's play is very inspiring :)

My Inspirational Monday post is also about children's play this week:
Nature Adventures

Christina said...

Love, love the water photos! They are adorable! I know that had a wonderful time. ; )

Cam said...

She is so completely adorable! I love that little blue bathing suit!! And, it is absolutely imperative that we all unleash our inner Beyonce and get a little fierce every now and then!

Rock on, girlfriends!

gennysent said...

so, so sweet!

Darcel said...

Looks like a good time. My girls love to play in the water too.
I love the one of her taking the stage as Beyonce. Too cute!

Green Mamma said...

My daughter inspires me . . . just about everything she says and comes up with these days makes me stop and think and want to do something new. I just composed this post about her:

this is how she is inspiring me today, :-)

BTW, sunndaytodaymama directed me to your site. Lovely photos!