Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conscious Friday: Let's Keep the World Beautiful!

I remember the year of 1976 like it was yesterday. I was ten years old during that bicentennial year. Although I was a teenager in the eighties and loved that era, something about the seventies is etched deep in my mind and Being. When I hear the type of music that enriched television with magical theme songs (ok, magical for a ten year old) for shows like Charlie's Angels, Starsky & Hutch, Happy Days, and Star Trek, I sink in memories that stir all of my senses. Oh yes, I have a special relationship with the seventies.

But one story that snatched my heart with no return was a television commercial about the effects of pollution and I had to share it for Conscious Friday.

It amazes me how on one end of the spectrum, I will hold onto a slither of paper in my hand or in my car until I get to a trash can and on the other end of the spectrum, someone would throw aluminum cans in the street without a blink.

Jannah and I were leaving the gas station when I saw two young adults throw beer cans out of the window of their car. I was so irritated by this senseless and selfish act and would have stopped to pick them up if I were not in such a busy intersection. I took a deep breath and vowed to make sure I explain my opinion to others around me about how polluting this beautiful earth is a crime in my book. It is a spiritual crime, a human crime and it is so disrespectful to Nature.

I immediately thought of the “The Crying Indian - Keep America Beautiful” television ad that really had an impact on my still developing mind and heart in the 70’s. And when I saw beer cans thrown out of a car window recently, my soul remembered the tear on the Indian's face. You have to take a look at it below if you haven’t before.

This message of consciousness was clear in the 1970's and it is clear today! Let's Keep Our Earth - Our World Beautiful!! Visit Earth Day website to see how you can have an impact everyday.

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You can also visit Se'Lah at Necessary Room to find out how you can participate or read more stories about the important light of consciousness.

Happy Conscious Friday!

Listen to your heart: The Crying Indian – Keep America Beautiful


Wanda said...

I remember that commercial. We should all shed a tear.

SE'LAH... said...

I grew up on limited tv so thanks for sharing this video...I had never seen it before.

I don't understand why people don't understand that we, humans and every aspect of nature is interconnected. Our actions have a profound effect on the earth, the world, the universe. Thanks so much for raising your voice on this issue.

I'm glad Jannah is learning responsibility through your wonderful example!

Love you to the moon.

Gayle said...

Oh, vchelle, I think of this commercial fairly often when I see how much trash sits along roads everywhere. I do not understand how someone can just toss garbage out of their car window. I think they should bring that commercial back.

Christina said...

We live on a beautiful parkway. A corner brick home. The ducks always relax on our lawn. You wouldn't believe how many times people stop to throw things on our lawn or try to scare the ducks. I put a no littering sign out there. It has helped but it's so hurtful to see this behavior.


rochambeau said...

Yes, thank your for your post! We must remember to respect our mother earth! To treat her with dignity!


Relyn said...

Oh, I'm a theme song girl, too. I especially love the theme songs to Giligan's Island and Beverly Hillbillies.

Gayle is right, they should bring the commercial back - and the campaign.

sunnymama said...

We need a commercial like that here in the UK too!

Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Darcel said...

I o out and pick up the trash out of my yard almost every morning. It's ridiculous that people don't care anymore. Maybe we'll get back there slowly.

lisaschaos said...

Hey I was 9 in 1976 and I remember the Indian! And Smokey. :)

Wildly Cam said...

I have never watched this before either! Oh my goodness, V! Let's start a campaign to bring it back!

I love the concept of Seventh Generation, and order products from them as often as possible.

And my son, he may be 10 (on Friday:) but he will lecture you something fierce on the crimes of littering and pollution. Lights my fire, baby! I love it!