Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When Love Calls - From Your Children

Shopping is one of those things that I find as a chore most of the time because there are usually limitations on how much money I could or should spend. Hey, it’s called budgeting. However, I need to satisfy my ego’s need to spend something after three months of avoiding every retail store in sight. As I fly through the aisle determining what my allotted money could buy, I say, “Jannah needs a new pair of shoes.” I always feel better about spending when it’s for my daughter.

Here I stand in the shoe department deciphering what kind of shoes she “needs.” Yes, they have her size in the Dora shoe that lights up when she walks. I was excited until Jannah began screaming as loud as she could. “Mommy, I’m hungry – I want my daddy – No, I want those shoes – Yes, I want those shoes – My leg hurt – Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” After I “shhh” her a couple of times, she cried louder and became resistant to my voice. Instantly, I felt that she needed my attention for whatever reason, she needed it. I turned the cart to me and sat down on one of the stools in the tight aisle and I allowed all my disappointment that “my” shopping was interrupted to release from my thoughts. I allowed judgment to vacate my mental train of thought and I looked at her while she screamed and cried. I looked into those beautiful, large dark brown eyes filled with tears without a saying a word. I looked with joy and love in my heart. I was absorbed in the present moment of accepting that at this time and at this moment, my daughter needed my attention – my presence. I gave it to her. After several minutes, she said, “Mommy, I feel better now.” I said, “Good. I love you.” “I love you with my BIG heart, mommy.”

You see, our children have the same Stillness in them as we have. We all have God in us whether big or small, fat or thin, white or black. We always need to become one with our children especially at a time when we perceive difficulty. This is the time when they most need it. In doing so, our children will also learn to depend on their Being to make choices in their lives as they grow. Their decisions will not come from their heads, but it will come from a place of serenity - their Being – our direct connect to God and they will have good practice because they practice with you, their parents.

Become one with your children by looking pass their ego of I need to do “this” to get a reaction like “that.” That is their belief system which is their ego. It’s amazing how early we begin developing our egos. Become one with your children by showing and recognizing how beautiful and incredible they are simply by Stillness. Feel the love for them and with them when they call for your attention. That’s peace. That’s God!

When love calls, always answer with love.

Sending a waterfall of love!


Se'lah said...

Yes Ma'am. I will also continue to strive to lead by example, whether in problem solving or in my Being. My daughter always presents with particularly odd mental challenges for me...she is wise beyond her years and I often feel that she is an old soul, reincarnated to keep me in line. Perhaps I should stop resisting and just be ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always, for this loving reminder. What would I do without your words of wisdom?

margie said...

such an important message. and if i can add anything to your well written message, do not for a second think that as those babies get bigger that they do not need your attention. their call for love may sometimes be muffled and it is our job as parents to listen hard so that we do not miss that call. thanks. i enjoyed your post.

Bonggamom said...

Beautiful photos and message. I do need to focus more on the here and now when my children need me.