Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Radical Forgiveness...

Talking with Gwen is always a pleasure. She’s funny and quirky with that Southern accent of hers. Even though I have to call her ten times before she returns one call, I am elated to finally talk with her. Most of her friends refuse to call her anymore or they call as many times I have until they reach her. Some are offended at Gwen’s lack of response and I can understand why.
I continue to reach out to her careful not to become the victim myself - She’s not returning my calls and I’m mad at about it. How could she do this to me? When we take the victim approach to any situation, we give away our power. We then become submerged in thoughts of “Why?” This question brings more questions and more doubt, which leads to overall negative thinking. Of course the next stage of the grueling cycle is feeling lost in our minds powerless.

To increase the use of our power and become comfortable with that level of power that we are all capable of exercising, we must accept and forgive. Forgiveness is so powerful because it helps us to release that ball of negative energy that somehow may block our steady flow of positive energy from God. The feeling that I could have had relative to Gwen would not have been about her. It would have been about me. That feeling of inadequacy was already a part of my ego – the part that says I’m not worthy of Gwen’s phone call. Is it possible to attract this particular situation of Gwen to confirm what I already believe about myself? This is a type of question that's good to ask ourselves when we are feeling like victims.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Please, take a deep breath, breathe deeply and forgive without understanding and release the negative thought like water falling from a cliff by simply letting go – letting go of thoughts that serve no purpose but to ultimately make you feel miserable. Taking several breaths allows us to feel the stillness that we are inside. The stillness we feel is God!

Radical Forgiveness is what Colin Tipping calls it. Punch a pillow, scream, or run as fast as you can, but radically and boldacaiously forgive. We already have the GREAT powers of love, forgiveness and empathy; don’t give it up for nothing in this world because we use this overall power to make deposits into this thing we call life. That’s karma!

For more information on radical forgiveness, visit Colin Tipping's website:


Sending positive energy your way, always!


Se'lah said...

I love this article. It it informative and empowering at the same time. Currently, I am trying to re-route some loved ones onto the track of positive thinking. It is so difficult at times but I must continually remind myself that I am indeed blessed.

Exhaling, Se'Lah

Anonymous said...

After having a rough morning, I came to your blog to seek peace and I could not help the smile that came across my face.

Thanks for your uplifting posts.


Anonymous said...

Great article! Forgiveness will free us of all thoughts, aches & pain. Nothing can interfere with your space when you walk in forgiveness of others & yourself.