Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Love Day!

I sit and wonder briefly what “I” will attract for Valentine’s Day. Will I attract a mini-vacation? Will I attract flowers and a good raw vegan meal that honors my body? Will I attract a quiet evening on the sofa with my daughter crawling on me and my husband or will I attract a very quiet evening with my husband alone allowing Valentine’s Day to be celebrated in what I call a traditional form?

Whatever I attract Valentine’s Day to be for me, I accept it. Some of the best times I’ve experienced are not planned at all. It’s something that just happens because I try to live for the moment and not think excessively about the form or structure of what Valentine’s Day should be for me. My goal is to be conscious and not allow my mind to use me – my Being – to create beliefs or delusions about what I should be doing for Valentine’s Day or any other day.

We are not our minds, our thoughts or our belief structure. We are Beings. Our minds are excellent tools to help us process the “knowing” that comes from a beautiful and still place within us. It is a place that gives life to this world and it is a place that’s far more intelligent than we can mentally comprehend. Some call it our Spirits. Some call it our Beings. In any event, that “knowing” comes from a place that has interconnection with God!

So, what we attract from God’s universe on Valentine’s Day is exactly what we should be doing at that present moment in time. Don’t resist it, embrace it because after all, celebrating “love day” is simply just to show and say, “I love you.” We can say it anytime, anywhere and everyday! We give life to this world.

Sending lots of love today and everyday!

Listen to your heart via Nina Simone...


Se'lah said...

I'll say it now: "I love you" :-) I try to celebrate "love day" everyday. Life is full of love...we just have to accept and embrace it.

I know you will enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of love your way forever and always. Happy Love Day!


Gabrielle Kai Photography said...

You will definitely enjoy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for sharing this song - I needed this!

margie said...

thank you for that! every word true. i love nina simone as well. even on non valentines day.

Anonymous said...

The words of this song ring does every word of your post.

Thanks !