Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Congratulations President Obama!

Shear Joy is how I felt when I heard the words of Wolf Blitzar from CNN announcing our new President of the United States of America. I cried like so many others and could not control the wave of thoughts that dashed through my mind like a speedboat splashing against the ocean waves. What does this mean? Am I going to get use to seeing a face of color in the White House? I hope no one hurts him. Will he be ok? I can’t believe it. Now that it has happened, now what?

After a day or so of complete shock, I began to accept, acknowledge and soak in a bath of hope, faith and love toward my country. Now, we need to allow ourselves to feel and act on what we can do to help in our communities. We should now use our thoughts to help us put in action what we feel we need to do from deep inside of us - our Being.

We, citizens of the United States, have awakened finally to what is. You ask, "What is?
There are so many different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicity and religion that shape us and I’m excited that we are finally, as a nation, becoming aware and accepting what is. There are so many ways for us to say the same thing and we are finally aware of different languages that may amount to the same meaning. We understand the message even in different languages. What is means that it is what it is. I know we have more work to do but electing President Barack Obama is a leap in the right direction.

I wish him and his family peace, love and a boat load of happiness. Help me to charge our country by sending positive energy to our government and thus, to ourselves. What we deposit into this life, we get in return. Visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/ to learn how to get involved in changing our nation.

Congratulations President Obama and thank you for teaching us how to get involved!

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