Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allow me to introduce you to Doris

We would spend hours on the phone talking about politics, relationships, our childhood experiences, our friends and our family. We spoke everyday sometimes three times a day. She was my biggest fan and I was her rationale. Her spirit left her body on this earth February 11, 2007 and since that day, I am careful to hold on to the memories that take me through the day, through the next week and through the next month. I am so honored to have been chosen to be her sister. She left the imprint of love on many people’s lives. In fact, please view the Necessary Room by clicking here to read a beautiful letter written to Doris by one of our intriguing friends.

Allow me to introduce her spirit to you. I wrote this poem for her five months before she transcended. It describes the essence of who she was. I admired her determination to succeed at everything she reached for in her life.


The door is not open Doris, you can’t go in.
No matter how high this door is
I believe I can win
No matter how wide and deep the water is
I know I can swim

That road is too long Doris, you can’t travel it.
No matter how wide this road is
I believe I can win, move over I’m signing in
As a matter of fact, please help me God
I’m traveling around this deep bend

That mountain is too high Doris, you can’t climb it.
No matter how tough this mountain is
Watch me chime in with the help of my next of kin.
Push me, Push me,
Do you understand that I’m going to win?

Let’s go, let’s go, I have something to do.
Don’t you dare tell me that I can’t obtain something new.
You can come if you want, because I plan to win
There is no door, nor any road, nor any mountain
That will prevent me from a win.

I love you with all that I am Doris!


Se'lah said...

I give thanks that my life intersected with Doris'. It's hard to find the words even 2 years later to explain her impact on my life and so many others. She was truly one of a kind! And so, treasure every moment in life with your loved ones because sometimes it's those memories that will see you through.

Love u Doris!

And honoured to be your friend vchelle!!!

Landy said...

I miss my sister so much. Although she is not here physically, her spirit is still here and memories that will always be cherished.

susand said...

I am so grateful that God allowed my journey to intersect with Doris'. I will always treasure the memories of her vibrant yet gentle spirit. She was one of the most beautiful people that I have ever met. She made an impression on everyone that she came in contact with. Hold on to her memories and a part of Doris will always live in each of you.

Anonymous said...

I too miss my "sister friend" as she would say to me...she knew me through her sister my best friend and instantly she became my sister and friend. She would say "Hey Ms. Kim how's my sister friend doing." I often hear Doris in vchelle when we talk, I know her spirit is here with us. I love and miss you Doris.

Your Sister Friend!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Seeing her picture brought back soooooo many, many, many memories that we shared together. It seems like we spoke to each other just yesterday. I know she is smiling at me now saying "Girl you make me laugh all the time and I love you for that". But I will never miss her kind heart, warm smile and of course her many blessings she has stored upon all of us. Thanks for allowing me to see, feel, and touch Doris heart again. I love you all!

Barbara Williams

Fireball said...

As I began to write, I’m taking long deep breaths to keep from getting off track. EVERYDAY I have to drive pass Doris’s subdivision, Can you imagine that? I find myself saying “Good Morning, Sweetie Pie”, or “Good Night, Sweetie Pie” (deep breath). Doris and I established this Instant Bond; it’s funny how the Master places his people right where they should be. We’d ridden the bus several times together and only conversed good mornings or hellos. Of all the places to connect, the Diva’s (Doris and Quil) connected at the Nail Salon in Dallas, GA, My God, that place will never be the same. From then on it was Love at First Sight, she and I talked about things as if we’d known each other for many, many years. What I really enjoyed and miss the most is praying with her, hugging her, communicating with her and singing to her (deep breath), I’m going to get through this. To make it short and sweet, we were planning a trip to Paris; I’m a little upset with her (just kidding) because she went without me. I’m going to continue to stay on God’s path so that I may join Doris and we can enjoy Paris together. It’s such a blessing to have been a part of Doris’s wonderful life. As always, I Love You Sweetie Pie.

Your Fireball, Quil