Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Love Calls...

Love may call late at night, early in the morning, when you are in a business meeting, when you are taking a shower or come at a time when you don’t want to answer. When love calls, always answer.

Unconditional love may be to tell someone, “no.” Love calls from many types of people in and out of your life. The call may come from a complete stranger or it may come from a relative or spouse. In any event, when love calls, answer loudly, boldly, clearly and completely.

You see, when love calls, you answer without judgment, without fear and without reservation. Answering the call of love without judgment means accepting the moment of what is being asked of you, which could be to just simply listen without judgment. Answering the call of love without fear means accepting the responsibility that you care and love regardless of one’s trial or tribulation. Answering the call of love without reservation means to not hesitate to give loving and constructive criticism.

Listen, when all our responses are done out of love, there is no remorse, there is no administering pain and most importantly, we are acknowledging the beautiful Being in others – the same beautiful Being in ourselves.

When love calls, always answer with love.

This piece was inspired by Kem’s – Love Calls. Listen to your heart on the right-side column.

Sending a waterfall of love!


Se'lah said...

When love comes calling, I'm gonna answer. Sometimes, people get married taking vows "for better or for worse". Living up to that vow is at times very difficult, challenging, emotionally taxing, but above all rewarding. Love endures when all other human emotions fade.

One Love, Se'Lah

Anonymous said...

We don't know the reward that is in store for us when answering that love call. "Love conquers all things." No matter what you have done or what your going through Love will conquer it!


margie said...

so true.

Shangrila said...

What a beautiful reminder to keep our hearts open! Happy Love Thursday! <3