Friday, January 9, 2009

Please, take a deep breath.

I just received news about a young man I briefly met in Florida last summer. His life was taken without warning, quickly and by someone that is obviously and completely not conscious of anything, totally identified with promoting his beliefs (ego), I can't help but to wonder my thoughts into what the perpetrator was "thinking." To be that disconnected from peace is alarming. Yet, so many people are.

As I accept this terrible news of which I know will take his mother and family a long, long time to accept and heal, I struggle with the acceptance myself and rely on my deep breaths to help me stay present and not get lost in my own thoughts about the possibility of what could happen to the people I love. Sigh... I take deep breaths; many of them, to help me accept what cannot be spoken in words.

I send the young man's family love and a charge of positive energy that stimulate the energy of love, faith and hope within them. I pray for their strength...Sigh... Please take a slow and deep breath with me to accept any challenges in your life because, "It is, what it is.” Healing is always from God. I hope you feel lighter.


Se'lah said...

Your words are so calming. Breathing deeply with you.

Anonymous said...

Needed that charge of positive energy today. Thanks !!! Exhaling.