Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neem Tree

Health food stores are my favorite. The aroma from all the fresh organic produce, the variety of herbs and essential oils and the people actually, excite all of my five senses. I love to absorb the power of life and all of the energy it produces and going to health food stores allows me to breathe deeply and absorb.

On this day, I was looking for Wild Yam. I only got a glimpse into this herb and wanted to know more about it. In my findings, I also discovered Neem or it discovered me. What is Neem? It is an evergreen that grows mainly in Central Asia and Middle Eastern regions (India, Pakistan) and its uses are extraordinary. Some of the spectacular benefits of Neem are that it boosts your immune system – “has detoxifying benefits that help maintain healthy circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary systems” – effective in dealing with skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and acne, and it can also be used as a contraceptive. See more benefits of Neem at the attached URL links.

Like so many others, I didn’t know if and how Neem will work with my body chemistry so I tried it. I purchased Neem capsules and Neem oil and I am so glad I did. My husband is excited abut this herb and tells me everyday how his body is benefiting internally from the use of Neem. I felt the big difference externally more than internally. Eczema and psoriasis both have been a nuisance all my life. But, within two days of using the Neem Oil, the troubled areas no longer exist. It’s amazing!

Tapping into nature, which I believe has everything we need to sustain human life, is so crucial in helping us to maintain balance. I wanted to remind you and introduce to others the benefits of Neem. Healing with energy at your fingertips… Sending positive energy your way, always!

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Se'lah said...

Thanks so much for sharing this beneficial info and your experience. With research, all will find that Mother Nature has so much more to offer mankind, if only we embrace her. It's a good idea to check with our doctors to make sure use of specific herbs is allowable with one's medication regimen.