Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Make a deposit...

I didn’t notice him until he paid for my French vanilla cappuccino. I just came from the gym relieved, rejuvenated and at peace with completing my kick-boxing class. I so deserved my treat. With my head bowed feeling the greatness that I just accomplished, I bumped him accidentally in the convenient store. “Excuse me,” I said warmly touching his arm, but not actually noticing who I bumped. “It’s OK darling.” Well, that got my attention. Who in the hell is calling me darling? I looked at him as he turned to walk away. He welcomed the attention. He had dark-green eyes and he stood at the counter in worn cowboy boots and dingy blue-jean overhauls being waited on by the cashier. “Take care of the lady, please.” The cashier looked over my head and he repeated his statement nodding his head my way. I smiled and thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas.

I felt victory as I walked through the double doors that were held open for me. I made a deposit of genuine kindness and it was returned to me instantly. We have the power to have full abundance in our lives simply by giving, making a deposit!


Se'lah said...

Laughing hysterically from the first line. I love it !!! Work it girl !!!
One Love, Se'Lah

Tejas said...

This happened in April 2005 while I was in Toronto. I had completed my term with HP Canada and was ready to return to India. During my last few days I was staying with my friend and his family. Two small kids and a wife, four of them were like family to me; very loving and friendly people. His son Anish, in grade four then, was dear to me. Somehow we became best friends, we still are. Anish used to share everything with me his school pranks, studies, marks, interests, hobbies as if I was his elder brother.

The job scenario in Canada then was not that great. Job insecurity was a concern. Anish’s mother had a stable job and on weekends she used to work part-time with Tim Horton’s. Anish’s father, my friend, had a very tough time finding the job he really wished for. He often switched jobs and job timings. The tough time that parents go through with their professional or even personal lives do have an impact on the kids, especially of Anish’s age in some or the other way. They react to what they see and feel, and this is exactly what happened on 10th April 2005.

Anish and I were at Dixie mall to shop for some gifts and goodies that I wanted to take back to India. As we were chatting, enjoying the shopping and Baskin Robbins ice cream, Anish impulsively turned to me and asked “can you lend me a $2 coin?” I replied, “I do have it, but we need it for the bus back home as I have less change left. Why do you want it?” He was hiding the reason somehow, I felt. Anish again asked “ok, can you lend me $1 or a 25 cent?” I very much wanted to give him but again I was worried about the shortage of change and I replied “I can but we might need it if we need to use the public phone and bus of course.” I was pretty curious why he wanted the coins. I kept my hand on his shoulder and caringly asked him again “tell me dear what happened, why you want the coin?” He was feeling kind of shy, I guess. Ultimately he said “ok give me a penny” and I gave it to him saying “sure take; I have a couple of them.” Anish went running toward a wish well that he had seen while we were strolling in the mall, stood by the well for a second with eyes closed and dropped the coin in the well. I was blank and stunned for a moment as I saw him do that. I said to myself “Oh! What a mistake I did, I should have given him the coin he wanted.” He came back running to me with a cheerful smile, hugged me and said “Thank you for giving me the coin.” I was pretty curious and I said “you are welcome dear. What did you wish for?” He gave me a cute smile and whispered in my ears “I wished that my father gets his dream job very soon.” I was almost in tears as I heard him whisper and I hugged him and replied “for sure your wish will be true!” This incident made such an impact on me. Kids are so playful, in their own carefree world, but still they think so much which we never get to know.

vchelle said...

Thank you, Tejas, for sharing such an inspiring story. You are so right, children are carefree and in their own world but they are little people too. I love the fact that Anish was so persistent in getting to that Wishing Well. He continued to ask until he had something physically to represent his action, his senses. He made the deposit it appears knowing that his wish was already fulfilled for his father. We can learn from these beautiful little people.

Tejas said...

Yet another incident and its Anish again :). This is kind of a really sweet gesture. It was early 2005. Anish’s father’s, my friend’s wedding anniversary was in February. Like I said I was like an elder brother to Anish. He used to share everything with me open heartedly. He had once told me “I have a piggy bank and whenever I get some spare coins I drop in my piggy”. The day before my friend’s wedding anniversary I was at their home to stay with them. Interestingly Anish’s birthday falls a day before my friend’s wedding anniversary. I had a nice time with Anish on his birthday with his friends and sister. Anish used to introduce me to his friends in a typical way, he used to tell them “this is my uncle, but he is kind of cool and he is my best friend so you can call him by his name, Tejas.”

After the party we all were tired and just slept off. I used to sleep in Anish’s bedroom and he slept with his parents. He was so little then, always wanted to sleep with his mom. Mid night I heard some tinkling near my bed but I was so tired that I did not bother to give it an ear and continued snoring. The next day while everyone was having a lazy morning, I was planning to go to the food store to get some bread and grocery. Anish said “I too want to come.” I said “Let’s go, get ready fast grab your jacket.” When I was done with the grocery, Anish said “I want to buy a surprise gift for mom and dad, just from me to them.” I said “vow that’s a great idea, they will be happy lets look for a gift.” He gave me a shy smile and said “but I have very less money, I can’t afford.” I said “don’t worry about the money dear I am here.”

Anish said “no I want to gift them from my money.” I kept wondering and said with a smile “ok.” Anish went hopping around and picked a beautifully packed chocolate box. It had ribbons and hearts over it with beautiful pink roses all over. I said “it’s indeed cute”. It was for $25. As I was taking out my card to pay the bill, Anish put both his hands in his pockets and pulled out a handful of coins taking care they don’t fall on the floor. I asked “oh what is this??” He smiled and said “this is my piggy bank saving and I am going to buy the gift for my parents with this.” I then recalled the tinkling I heard the night before. Anish had come in the room mid night to collect the coins from his piggy bank. He asked “will they like it?” I said “of course this will be their most precious gift for them.”

Anish hid the gift after we reached home. When they cut the cake Anish gave the gift to his mom and dad. I told them about why the gift has to be a special one. It was so endearing to see the parents hug him tightly.

vchelle said...

Anish will grow up making a whole lot of deposits in his life. He is getting plenty of practice.

Anonymous said...

It was that smile you gave him... LOL! Sometimes people just need a touch, a smile or an ear for someone to listen. There is great rewards in giving...as the saying goes "we can't beat God's giving". It will always come back to you.