Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knock, Knock - It's Hurt

Reading through one of my old journals, I discovered this poem. I wrote it October 11, 2004. I read it and wanted to share this with all of you.

Be strong and accept that hurt is there, but you can heal by resisting the affects of pain and hurt. Enjoy!

Knock, Knock - It's Hurt

Hurt comes knocking at my door
I run and hide hoping it will not be the norm
Hurt knocks louder and louder
And a new hurt doubles
And it is born
The room is dark and cold
Hurt can’t see me, I’m so torn
To open the door
Or continue hiding in a corner on the floor

The weight of Hurt tears down the door
I curl up in a ball continuing to ignore
That Hurt is standing near me shadowing me with scorn
I look at Hurt questioning the intent
Then understanding that I need to vent
To tell Hurt no more
Will I curl with knees that are bent

I stand strong
Knees shaking, body trembling
Looking at Hurt directly
Breathing heavily,
I will not allow Hurt
To enter my mind, body and soul
Dissipate, Hurt, and dissipate
You are not welcomed in this space
copywrite 2004


Se'lah said... West Indian lingo, that means excellent !!!

Anonymous said...

Our safety & security lies in what we say & believe. We often have to speak then believe what we say will surely happen...then there is peace. Great poem!


vchelle said...

Beautifully said, KJ..