Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Day!

As I watched fireworks exploding in the dark sky, I watched my daughter, nieces and nephews run around in my yard with excitement as my son lit one firework after the other promising that each one will top the previous one. I have to admit that I was excited because they were excited. Bringing in the New Year was another day for me, no different than the day before. I tried my hardest to express intense excitement about the New Year and to show all my family and friends who cramped my small home that this was a time to celebrate and darn it, that’s what I intended to do FOR THEM.

I saw the smiles and the grins, the hugs and the kisses, exchanged back and forth repeatedly and my heart smiled. I was happy to see it in my home. Were these same people this happy the day before? Were they bound by unhappiness caused by excessive thinking and were their happiness real today? Did it (happiness) come from a place of peace or a place of thought, “I’m supposed to be happy and celebrate because it is the New Year so I will just try to be happy?”

We should try to be one with the present moment everyday. When we practice such a magnificent tool everyday, we find true happiness and our decisions, response to trials and tribulations, and true forgiveness will come from a place of unprecedented peace. Therefore; the excitement, love and joy will come to us daily because we accept whatever the present moment is. So, I say to all of you that on New Year’s Eve, it was truly a Happy New Day for me, AGAIN! I’m so blessed and thankful for each of you and I continue to send positive energy your way and a waterfall of love, always. Happy New Day!

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Se'lah said...

Today is a good day !!! Living in the moment is so crucial. You miss so much that is often taken for granted when we get caught up in anything other than the present moment.

Happy New Day !!!