Sunday, January 25, 2009

The blanket of gratefulness...

I sat in traffic thankful that I was in a warm car listening to soft music. I listened to the “on-hold” music waiting to speak to a representative and thankful that I had a speaker phone to listen to the music while I folded my laundry. Complex in its entirety, my job allows me the flexibility to work in my pajamas if I choose and I’m thankful for the time it allows me to spend with my daughter.

When we are open to Being thankful for the very small things, we are relying on the our positive energy to identify those small things such as smiling at beautiful flower – laughing with someone who is honest about a piece of their life that they find just as amusing or the smell and constant warmth of a fireplace that presents a feeling of security. The small thankfulness and appreciation leads us to experience the constant flow of gratefulness.

The blanket of gratefulness is the little threads of thankfulness that capture us – our Being – our Spirit - to a fullfilled life. So, practice identifying and feeling the small things that you are thankful for no matter how insignificant they may seem to others. In the awareness of those small things arise true gratefulness that stays with us during every situation that we perceive whether good or bad. Always, always, try to find thankfulness no matter what the circumstance is because this is the true essence of drawing upon the greatness and goodness of God. I am so grateful to recognize and know thankfulness!


Se'lah said...

It is a wonderful boost to one's Being to practice positivity. It is exceedingly great for the spirit.

Anonymous said...

And as you fold the towels you feel the warmth from the dryer the smell from the fabric softner...the sun on your back as you go to the mailbox or listening to the rain as it comes down. Your thankful & grateful for just that, at that moment. The peace that comes from just that moment of gratefulness.