Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ahhh.. Wheatgrass Juice

The smell of wheatgrass juice can make one rear back with surprise at its potency. The taste of wheatgrass is so powerful that it can really take a few seconds to accept the interesting substance that awakens your taste buds. But, the benefits of wheatgrass juice far exceed the smell or taste. I call it the magical healing juice. It bolsters your immune system and thus, it helps to reverse illness.

The exploration of wheatgrass juice was first introduced to America by Ann Wigmore over thirty years ago. She reversed some serious health issues by using wheatgrass and eating a raw food diet. Because she provides information so effectively in her book, The Wheatgrass Book, I have taken some information from this book verbatim to help you understand the power of wheatgrass juice. And so she says:

Wheatgrass can help you restore a high energy level in two ways. First, by fulfilling nutritional deficiencies, and second, by removing wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissues and organs.

Each of us is the keeper of over ten trillion little batteries called cells. Like flashlight batteries, our cells hold a charge of electricity. In order for this charge to be strong and steady, we need to have a steady supply of the proper nutrients, especially the high-quality minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids contained in wheatgrass juice. With the addition of wheatgrass and raw foods to your diet, your cells will store a maximum electrical charge, and you will have plenty of energy. At the same time, wheatgrass will help to release excess fats, mineral deposits, and proteins that are trapped in the organs of digestion and elimination, and in the blood, thus saving your energy that would otherwise be spent in your body’s struggle to cleanse itself.

I’m a “wheatgrassaholic.” I take my a shot of wheatgrass juice everyday and feel the difference and I can see the difference on my face, my dark circles around my eyes diminished – on my head, I have fewer gray hairs – while I sleep, I dream every night because I sleep so deeply. The body’s ability to fight illness is determined by the immune system.”

Along with a raw vegan diet, wheatgrass juice has changed my life and I’m so grateful to God and thankful for Ann Wigmore.

I recommend that you read about wheatgrass juice before beginning your journey with it and be prepared to take very small amounts until your body can begin to identify it slowly. Use wheatgrass juice in smoothies or juices until you feel that you are able to begin taking straight shots. You can also find Ann Wigmore’s book in my favorite book list in the right-hand column.

I’m so honored to share this powerful information with you and I encourage you to minimize your stress as all diseases are emotionally based and stress is a large factor in an unhealthy body. I also encourage you to be open to healing because any doubt is negativity, another form of stress. Stay open, stay strong, stay wise and stay thankful that God has blessed you to receive this information. Receive it with love and gratitude.

Sending positive energy your way, always!

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Se'lah said...

If I myself had not witnessed the change in your health, I too may have been a "Doubting Thomas". I too give thanks to wheatgrass for boosting your immune system and promoting your health. Kudos!